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L’Australia ha bisogno dei partner dell’AUKUS e del Quad per testare nuove tecnologie militari (Akash Sahu, East Asia Forum)

The conversation on AUKUS and Australia’s defence indicates the need for an advanced industrial base in the country, which can sustain not only the development of nuclear-powered submarines but also align capabilities like hypersonic and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-led military systems. Limitations like the lack of capital and human resources drag down Canberra’s ability to develop better weapons.

Collaboration with AUKUS partners (the United States and the United Kingdom) is crucial for Canberra to procure, test and commercialise the latest military technologies. At the same time, deeper engagement with Quad partners Japan and India can help ensure a robust supply chain network for Australia’s defence industry sector. Both AUKUS and the Quad are driven by shared motives of stabilising regional security in the Indo-Pacific.

Aligning AUKUS and the Quad for Australia’s defence | East Asia Forum