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L’aviazione globale verso il ‘net zero’

da World Economic Forum. Leaders in the aviation industry set out ambitious Sustainable Aviation Fuel certificate (SAFc) Emissions Accounting and Reporting Guidelines, under the Forum’s Clean Skies for Tomorrow coalition. These new guidelines, authored by the World Economic Forum in collaboration with RMI and PwC Netherlands, have been co-developed with 30 industry leaders, including Alaska Airlines, Amazon, Novo Nordisk, DHL, Microsoft and SkyNRG, and will enable multiple parties within the aviation value chain to claim for their respective flight emissions when flying on Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF). Corporate and private customers looking to reduce their scope 1 and 3 emissions from flying can create a strong, sustained demand signal for certified emissions reductions from the use of SAF. For this to occur, however, it is vital that clear and standardised accounting and reporting guidance is developed, so that corporate and private aviation consumers can unlock the environmental attributes of SAF. This will also ensure environmental integrity and avoid potential negative outcomes.

How to claim your flight emissions when flying on sustainable aviation fuels | World Economic Forum (