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Le esercitazioni congiunte Cina-Pakistan rafforzano i legami e migliorano l’interoperabilità tra le due marine (fonte: Global Times)

The Pakistan Navy plans to host the AMAN-23 multinational maritime exercise in February 2023, with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy, having taken part in previous editions, are again expected to participate. China and Pakistan have been maintaining close naval and maritime exchanges and cooperation in recent years, including joint drills, enhanced by Pakistan’s procurement of four advanced Type 054A/P frigates from China. Shortly before the Exercise AMAN-23, Global Times reporter Liu Xuanzun (GT) was granted an exclusive interview with Admiral M Amjad Khan Niazi (Adm. Niazi), chief of the naval staff of the Pakistan Navy, and discussed topics ranging from the exercise plan and the Pakistan Navy’s equipment procurement plan from China to the PLA Navy in the eyes of the Pakistan Navy.

China-Pakistan joint drills strengthen ties, enhance interoperability between the two navies: GT exclusive interview with Pakistani naval chief – Global Times