(Liberia) Q&A: Swiss Trial for Liberia Atrocities: Universal Jurisdiction Paves Path for Justice (HRW)

  1. Who is Alieu Kosiah and what are the charges against him?
  2. Why is Kosiah’s trial taking place in Switzerland?
  3. What international crimes were committed in Liberia during its civil wars?
  4. Shouldn’t crimes committed in Liberia during the country’s two civil wars be investigated and prosecuted domestically?
  5. Has anyone faced justice for crimes committed during Liberia’s civil wars?
  6. What has happened so far during Kosiah’s trial?
  7. What kind of challenges have judicial authorities in Switzerland faced bringing this case to trial?
  8. What are “private plaintiffs” and what is their role in the trial?
  9. Is the trial accessible to the public? Are Liberians able to follow the proceedings in Switzerland?
  10. How long is the trial expected to last and what are the possible outcomes?
  11. Who is responsible for investigating and prosecuting international crimes in Switzerland?
  12. How many cases related to serious crimes have been opened in Switzerland?
  13. How does Swiss universal jurisdiction practice compare to other countries in Europe?
  14. What options are there for further accountability for international crimes committed in Liberia?