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L’incidente missilistico in Bielorussia rappresenta una “nuova normalità” per l’Europa orientale (fonte: The Jamestown Foundation)

Yauheni Preiherman

On December 29, the Belarusian state media reported that an S-300 surface-to-air missile launched by Ukrainian forces had dropped into Belarus, near the village of Horbakha, about 50 kilometers from the shared border with Ukraine (Belta, December 29, 2022). Later, the Belarusian Ministry of Defense clarified that air defense units had shot down the missile and that its debris had landed in a crop field (, December 29, 2022). Col. Kiryl Kazantsau, commander of Belarus’s anti-air missile forces, stated that Belarus considered two probable causes of the incident: an unintentional misfire or a deliberate provocation by Ukraine.

Missile Incident in Belarus Represents a ‘New Normal’ for Eastern Europe – Jamestown