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L’India e la partnership pubblico-privata nello spazio

L’analisi di Rajeswari (Raji) Pillai Rajagopalan per Observer Research Foundation: Skyroot Aerospace, an Indian private sector space enterprise, created history by launching India’s first privately developed rocket, Vikram-S. This is a moment that many in India’s private space sector have been waiting for, and the expectation is that the success of the Skyroot venture will open doors for many others. The name given to the mission, ‘Prarambh’, means ‘beginning’ in Hindi. Many in the space community believe that this mission is a new beginning for engagement between India’s official space agency, the ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation), and the private space sector in India. Congratulating Skyroot Aerospace, ISRO tweeted, “Mission Prarambh is successfully accomplished”. Elated at the success, Skyroot’s CEO and Co-Founder, Pawan Kumar Chandana tweeted that: “Nov 18th 11:30 AM will be etched in history as a landmark milestone in the Indian space sector”. This was definitely a milestone moment in India’s space trajectory. India’s Science and Technology Minister, Dr Jitendra Singh, also applauded the launch and said, “It is indeed a new beginning, a new dawn, and a new prarambh in the journey of India’s space program. It is a major step forward for India in developing its own rockets and a turning point in India’s startup movement. Well done, Skyroot.” 

Skyroot creates a new ‘Prarambh’ for Indian space | ORF (