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L’Ucraina non è dietro la recente ondata di incendi ed esplosioni in strutture civili russe (fonte: The Jamestown Foundation)

Paul Globe

In the months since Russian President Vladimir Putin launched his expanded invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, fires and explosions have occurred at a minimum of 72 military facilities within Russia—including 44 draft offices and 28 bases. A vast number of other fires and explosions have broken out at shopping centers—at least 20—other businesses, apartment blocks and agricultural facilities (, December 29, 2022). Some of these attacks, especially those against draft offices, are undoubtedly the work of Russians opposed to the war; and others, such as the attacks on the two air bases at the end of December 2022, do indeed appear to be the work of Ukrainian forces (Meduza, December 26, 2022).

Ukraine Is Not Behind Recent Spate of Fires and Explosions at Russian Civilian Facilities – Jamestown