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Malaysia, le sfide di Anwar Ibrahim

Dall’analisi di Nile Bowie, Asia Times. Anwar Ibrahim was sworn in as Malaysia’s tenth prime minister on Thursday (November 23) after the country’s constitutional monarch appointed him to lead a historic unity government, a remarkable reversal of fortunes for a politician seen as a perennial leader-in-waiting who had repeatedly fallen short of the premiership. After pursuing the top role for three decades and spending nine years in jail for sodomy and corruption on charges he says were politically motivated, the 75-year-old veteran opposition leader now has a chance to lead following an almost five-day political deadlock after the November 19 general election resulted in a hung parliament. “‘Finally,’ has been everyone’s reaction. He’s been fighting for this job for a long time and people assumed that he would never make it – and now he’s the prime minister. But he’s come in through difficult circumstances and into difficult circumstances,” said Bridget Welsh, an honorary research associate at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Asia Research Institute.

Anwar on top but risks abound for his staying power – Asia Times