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(NATO-Asia) Investire nell’innovazione può aiutare la NATO a riunire le democrazie asiatiche (fonte: Atlantic Council)

Giedrimas Jeglinskas

The NATO Innovation Fund (NIF), launched at the Madrid Summit in June, offers a historic opportunity for the Alliance to boost its defense capabilities through investments in dual-use emerging and disruptive technologies (EDTs). While the fund’s ultimate goal is to help deliver on NATO’s mission to defend freedom and the international rules-based order, an even greater opportunity resides in extending collaboration with democracies in the Asia-Pacific including Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan: Those democracies, by establishing NIF-aligned investment funds, would strengthen their linkages to the NATO defense-technology ecosystem—and would offer another soft-diplomacy tool in a world of geostrategic competition. Investing in innovation can help NATO rally Asian democracies – Atlantic Council