(Nuclear) Bringing the Back-End to the Forefront: Looking Ahead to the Future Nuclear Fleet (Stimson Center)

Read the working paper by Rowen Price, “Bringing the Back-End to the Forefront: Spent Fuel Management and Safeguards Considerations for Emerging Reactors”

Featured Speakers:

  • Rowen Price, Research Assistant, Nuclear Safeguards Program and Partnerships in Proliferation Prevention Program, Stimson Center
  • James Casterton, Nonresident Fellow, Nuclear Safeguards Program, Stimson Center
  • Andrew Worrall, Deputy Director, Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear and Section Head, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Dr. Cindy Vestergaard, Senior Fellow and Director, Nuclear Safeguards Program and Blockchain in Practice Program, Stimson Center (Moderator)