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Nuovo ordine nell’Indo-Pacifico e l’apertura dell’India

Dall’analisi di Swagato Ganguly, East Asia Forum. As India celebrates 75 years of independence, the integrated dynamics of pre-colonial Asia are slowly being revived. But India’s reconnection with Asia is partial at best. South Asia is among the least economically integrated regions in the world, having regressed in some respects since 1947. India has long been suspicious of the West and of free markets. By keeping markets on a tight leash, India refused to follow in the footsteps of the more freewheeling ways of East Asia’s ‘tiger’ economies. Independent India stressed self-reliance, autarky and import substitution while leaning towards state control of the economy. Economic crises have  periodically triggered some degree of reform and deregulation but these have been tactical rather than strategic responses to India’s ongoing economic problems.

India’s openness to a new Indo-Pacific order (