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Obiettivi più elevati per le energie rinnovabili in Germania: come ne beneficerà l’industria? (fonte: IFRI)


“Deutschland – Einstieg in die Deindustrialisierung?” – “Germany, the beginning of deindustrialisation?” asked the German economic newspaper Handelsblatt in the context of the spike in energy prices that has put at risk thousands of companies across Germany in 2022. Whereas some sectors such as steel, glass and chemicals have been seriously hit, the manufacturing industries operating in the areas linked to the energy transition (such as renewable energies and hydrogen production) should benefit from decisions taken to reach climate neutrality. The level of ambition of the Federal government has indeed dramatically increased with the new coalition elected in 2021, the share of renewable energy sources (RES) to be reached in the power mix by 2030 being set at 80% (against 47% in 2022).

Higher Renewable Energy Targets in Germany : How will the Industry Benefit ? | IFRI – Institut français des relations internationales