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Open newsletter – march 24, 2022 p.m.



  • China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi has drawn a rebuke from the Indian government ahead of his expected but unconfirmed visit to New Delhi on Friday, upsetting his hosts with remarks made in Pakistan this week concerning the disputed Kashmir region. Relations between the two nuclear-armed Asian powers turned chilly two years ago after a deadly border clash in the Ladakh region of Kashmir, and Wang would be the first high-level Chinese official to visit since that time. Al Jazeera – India rebukes China FM over Kashmir remarks before expected visit




  • Four years ago, when I was travelling across the northern Indian state of Haryana to report on “rape culture” there, I met a slight-bodied young woman at a local district court. She, a Dalit, was there to fight a case against four upper-caste men who had raped her. We spoke for a few hours. She told me about her recent separation from her husband of eight years and the physical violence she faced, including repeated rape, throughout her marriage. Sanya Dhingra – Al Jazeera – Hijab bans in India: Where communalism and patriarchy intersect


  • Palestinian residents of the Naqab (Negev) say they are fearful due to the formation of armed Jewish vigilante groups amid heightened tensions in the area. The Barel Rangers unit, a Jewish civilian group, was formally launched on Sunday by a former Israeli police officer, Almog Cohen, claiming inadequate police governance in the southern region. Made up of volunteers, the group “will undergo training in fighting terror” and “show its presence and maintain security”, its website says, according to Israeli media. Zena Al Tahhan – Al Jazeera – Palestinians threatened by Jewish ‘terrorist militia’ in Naqab



RUSSIA – UKRAINE (and beyond) 


  • At least five people, including two of the attackers, were killed during a raid by armed fighters on an army base near the Somali capital’s international airport, a diplomatic memo said. On Wednesday, the state-run television said security forces were dealing with a “terrorist incident” at the gates to the camp. A witness said gunmen had forced their way in and started shooting. Al Jazeera – Somalia: Five dead in attack on military base near airport


  • Since its military intervention in the Syrian civil war in September 2015, one of Russia’s major foreign policy goals has been to convince Gulf Arab monarchies to come to terms with the survival of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime, and the reacceptance of its “legitimacy”. A host of developments in Gulf-Syrian relations during the past few years, most recently al-Assad’s visit to the United Arab Emirates, indicate that this Russian strategy has been quite successful. Giorgio Cafiero – Al Jazeera – Ukraine war allows UAE to bring Syria’s Assad in from the cold


  • A new bill introduced on Wednesday seeks to force agencies into modernizing their outdated information technology systems, while requiring officials to write up plans and additional guidance to update and dispose of those legacy systems. The Legacy IT Reduction Act of 2022 effectively aims to make the modernization of federal legacy IT systems mandatory. Introduced by Sens. Maggie Hassan (D-NH) and John Cornyn (R-Texas), the bill would require agencies to identify and create an inventory of all legacy IT systems.  Chris Riotta – Nextgov – Senate bill would push replacement of legacy IT systems
  • More technologically knowledgeable stakeholders and committed leadership within the federal government are critical to successfully implementing scalable artificial intelligence technology in public offices. Speaking during a virtual panel discussion, officials including Jack Shanahan, the inaugural director of the Department of Defense’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center, discussed the need for modernization advocates in federal agencies, specifically needing a “disrupter” helming the implementation of new software.  Alexandra Kelley – Nextgov – AI in Government Hinges on Supportive Leadership and a “Glass Breaker” in Charge

  • A slew of Democratic lawmakers sitting on the House Energy and Commerce Committee penned a letter to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration voicing support for the broadband provisions included in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, urging the agency to help implement these programs. Alexandra Kelley – Nextgov – Lawmakers Request Agency Support in Broadband Rollouts
  • Several current and former high-profile federal officials of both major political parties urged Congress Monday to pass legislation that would improve American competitiveness in semiconductor production and advanced manufacturing and create a more resilient supply chain. “Chips are essential components of our most vital and sensitive military equipment. Our overreliance on foreign manufacturers puts crucial elements of our national and economic security at risk,” Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said in a panel discussion hosted by her agency. “Our competitors like China are racing to support their semiconductor industries and they aren’t waiting for us to catch up. Every day we wait is a day we fall further behind.”. Frank Konkel – Nextgov – NatSec Experts to Congress: Pass Legislation to Boost Domestic Semiconductor Production

  • The next generation of wireless technology is rapidly rolling out across the country. Called 5G or 5th generation, it promises a jump in speed and reliability that will enable mobile devices to act more like desktop computers connected to a wired network. Most experts say that the changes will be even more pronounced with 5G than they were when we moved to 4G, which was responsible for the explosion of the mobile applications and services that we enjoy today. John Breeden II – Nextgov – Hidden Security Considerations When Moving to 5G