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Open newsletter – march 31, 2022 p.m.


Complessità e rischio

Il Valdai Club ci invita a una riflessione strategica sui movimenti nell’Indo-Pacifico: non solo quelli “promossi” dagli USA (Quad, Aukus) ma anche quelli tra gli Stati della regione. La Cina è naturalmente al centro di questo quadro e la regione rappresenta il vero interesse di Washington. Quali prospettive per la sicurezza regionale ? 

Cosa sarà della NATO dopo la guerra in Ucraina ? Quali sono le vulnerabilità dell’Alleanza e come l’invasione russa ne cambierà il Concetto Strategico ? Da Center for Strategic and International Studies



  • AROUND THE WORLD (evolving worlds, ongoing relations, crisis, conflicts)
  • ON LIFE (technology, the future of the internet, cybersecurity, data)
  • RUSSIA – UKRAINE (impact, reactions, consequences)


AROUND THE WORLD (evolving worlds, ongoing relations, crisis, conflicts)

BRICS – R5 Initiative

  • Revisiting the R5 Paradigm, March 31. By Yaroslav Lissovolik, Valdai Discussion Club. The rise in geopolitical risks has notably accentuated the topicality of de-dollarization and the use of national currencies in financial transactions. One of the cases in point was the discussion between China and Saudi Arabia on the possibility of using Chinese Yuan for settlements in lieu of Saudi’s oil deliveries to China. Back in 2017 the Valdai Club advanced the R5 initiative that was meant to bolster financial settlements and transactions in the national currencies of BRICS members. (read more)

Burkina Faso

Greater Eurasia

  • The CSTO and EAEU in a New Era: From Abstraction to Practice, March 30. By Valdai Discussion Club. It is difficult now to operate with abstract schemes like the respected concept of “Greater Eurasia”, but it is quite clear that real interaction, which makes it possible to reduce the threats from a world economic war and even gain benefits from it, will do more for implementation in a common space than any ideas of a general nature, writes Valdai Club Programme Director Timofei Bordachev. (read more)


USA – China – Asia

  • The Potential Impact of the US-Chinese Conflict in Asia, March 31. By Valdai Discussion Club. The countries of the Asia-Pacific region are motivated to join forces with Washington on the issue of containing China, not because they share democratic values, but because they are concerned about the strengthening of China’s military and economic power amid unresolved territorial disputes and Beijing’s assertiveness in promoting China’s interests and narrative in the region, writes Valdai Club expert Yana Leksyutina. (read more)



  • NATO after the Invasion, March 30. By CSIS. NATO’s Road to Madrid is back, at a critical time for the alliance. In this episode, hosts Pierre Morcos and Luis Simón are joined by two highly respected experts: Lauren Speranza, Director of the Transatlantic Defense and Security Program at the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA), and Dan Hamilton, a Senior Fellow at the SAIS Foreign Policy Institute, a non-resident Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution, and a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs. Together, the group breaks down NATO’s response to Russia’s illegal and brutal invasion of Ukraine, the alliance’s potential vulnerabilities, and the effects of the invasion on NATO’s development of its new Strategic Concept. (read more)

ON LIFE (technology, the future of the internet, cybersecurity, data)


  • Technology and Power, March 30, 2022. By James Andrew Lewis, CSIS. Power is the ability of individuals or groups to shape events. Technology is the practical application of scientific knowledge and the invention and use of devices to improve human performance. New technologies change economies, markets, and cultures by creating new opportunities. While some have a growing fear of technological change, technology remains the best source of continued economic growth and military strength. (read more) 

RUSSIA – UKRAINE (impact, reactions, consequences)