PALESTINE/ISRAEL – “The Day After” Abu Mazen is Already Here (Michael Milstein, INSS)

“The day after” Abu Mazen need not differ from “the day before,” but that largely depends on Israel. First, Israel must ensure the stability in the public and economic realms in the West Bank that has enabled the relative calm in the region for more than a decade. Biden’s tenure may likewise help stabilize the Palestinian system in the context of “the day after.” The impending turnover in Washington has already inspired calm and cautious optimism in Ramallah. However, the future will also depend on Palestinian decisions: will the leaders of the Palestinian Authority and Fatah prefer to unite, rather than wage a violent struggle for power, and will the future leaders understand that their survival requires a close connection to Israel? And perhaps a young generation, free from the rhetoric of the past, will rise to power, lending priority to the goal of a state “here and now.