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Prospettive della guerra in Ucraina

Dall’analisi di Ian Hill, The Interpreter: Nine months on, there seems little prospect of an early end to the war in Ukraine. Neither side is ready yet to stop fighting or make the kind of compromises that a negotiated outcome to the war would require. This is unsurprising from Ukraine’s standpoint, as the victim of unprovoked aggression, but now on a roll militarily. Defying gloomy pre-war predictions, Ukraine’s military has performed beyond expectations: it has shown resilience and adaptability, effectively deploying its growing stocks of modern Western weapons. After thwarting the initial Russian attempt to seize Kyiv, Ukraine withstood Russia’s artillery barrage in the east, and then launched a counter-offensive, first over-running Russian forces in Kharkiv and now reclaiming Kherson.

Ukraine: No end in sight | Lowy Institute