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(Qatar) Il Qatar uscirà vittorioso dalla guerra d’immagine dei Mondiali? (fonte: Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs)

Eitan Fischberger:

The 2022 Soccer World Cup launched in Qatar in November to much fanfare and controversy. Qatar, which won the hosting right under dubious circumstances in 2010, leveraged the position to embark on an intensive effort to bolster its public image in the West and, in response, was hit with a torrent of criticism for its human rights record concerning women, LGBTQ individuals, and migrant workers. Though we do not yet know the true victor of this “image war,” the saga has already provided valuable insights into key tactics the regime utilizes in its battles and has also shown one of the methods concerned citizens and civil rights organizations can use to stymie Qatar’s charm offensive, which continues to obfuscate its repressive policies.

Chief among Qatar’s cynical tactics – and perhaps the most effective – is steering attention away from its own human rights abuses by allowing for pro-Palestinian messaging during the World Cup and intensifying its anti-Israel propaganda. Jerusalem would be wise to acknowledge the tactic and coordinate efforts to combat it before other hostile regimes learn from Qatar and follow suit.

Will Qatar Emerge Victorious in the World Cup Image War? (