(Russia/Iran) Russia’s Zakharova says Iran pioneer in fight against terrorism (IRNA)

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova on Saturday ruled out US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s alleged Iranian link with al Qaeda, saying that Iran is pioneer in the fight against terrorism.

Based on existing evidence, Iran has been a victim of terrorism and is pioneer in the serious fight against the phenomenon, Zakharova told IRNA in an exclusive interview held in Russia.

There is no information about Iran’s possible link with al Qaeda,, said the Russian spokeswoman stressing that Iran is an honest and serious country in combat against terrorism.

There are many evidences that indicate Iran’s serious efforts to counter terrorists, particularly in Syria and Iraq, she added.

The US officials keep silent toward Iran’s effective fight against terrorists; and this behavior shows that they want to blackening the realities about Iran, she underlined.

Asked about the future of Tehran-Moscow ties in 2021, the spokeswoman said the two will continuously develop relations in various fields.

Moscow-Tehran ties are based on mutual respect and good neighborly, she said stressing that the two sides are determined to promote cooperation.

She stressed that the Russian side wants continuation of confidence-based talks with Iranian partners and preservation of regular contact at the highest level on international, regional and bilateral issues.

Russia is ready to strengthen economic relations with Iran as there are due potentials and facilities to achieve the end, she concluded.

According to Iranian officials, Iran and Russia enjoy the same points of view about many global issues.

Meanwhile, spokeswoman for Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education Sima Sadat Lari has announced that Tehran and Moscow are to cooperate on COVID-19 vaccine development.