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(Russia) Le aziende collegate allo Special Technology Centre Limited Liability Company con sede a San Pietroburgo (produttore dell’UAV Orlan-10) hanno aumentato drasticamente le importazioni di componenti critici di fabbricazione occidentale dal febbraio 2022 (fonte: James Byrne, Jack Watling , Justin Bronk, Gary Somerville, Joe Byrne, Jack Crawford and Jane Baker, RUSI)

A joint investigation between RUSI, Reuters and iStories has found that Russian companies closely associated with the St Petersburg-based Special Technology Centre Limited Liability Company (STC LLC or STC) – the Russian military-affiliated manufacturer of the Orlan-10 UAV – have drastically increased imports of critical Western-manufactured components since the February 2022 invasion of Ukraine began.

The Orlan Complex: Tracking the Supply Chains of Russia’s Most Successful UAV | Royal United Services Institute (