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Russia. Le forze armate sotto steroidi (fonte: The Jamestown Foundation)

Pavel Luzin

Since January 1, the ceiling of military personnel in the Russian Armed Forces has been increased from 1,013,628 to 1,150,628 service members (, August 25, 2022), which exceeds the ceiling for 2006–2016 of 1,134,800 people (, November 28, 2005). This is the nominal number as the true number of personnel within the Russian Armed Forces usually tends to be lower. For instance, the officially stated quantity in 2016 was 770,000 and did not change much before February 2022 (, January 2017). Moreover, the real number inevitably decreased after Russia launched its all-out aggression against Ukraine and Russian forces started suffering from heavy losses, increased discharges and a lack of new recruits, as Moscow involved almost all available combat-capable and support forces in the war, about 250,000 service members (, December 21, 2022).

The Russian Armed Forces on Steroids – Jamestown