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(Russia-Ucraina-Cina) Il significato economico, per Pechino, della guerra Russia-Ucraina (fonte: Yang Jiang, DIIS)

Many people ask why China chose Russia over Ukraine in its stance over the war? In Chinese official language, China’s official stance on the war has been clear and consistent. China has not expressed condemnation or support for Russia’s so-called military operation but calls for respect for countries’ reasonable security concerns. China has not recognized the independence of Crimea, Luhansk, or Donetsk. China expresses support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity — that language is how far China can go in expressing opposition to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. China has sent humanitarian aid to Ukraine and called on both parties to hold talks for stopping the war, but China has not responded to two requests from Ukraine. One is for China to be one of the security guarantors, together with other major countries. The other is for Chinese Xi Jinping to directly talk with Volodymyr Zelensky.

The economic meaning of the Russia-Ukraine war for China | DIIS