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Russia-Ucraina. Evoluzione della guerra (25 novembre 2022)

Dall’analisi di Karolina Hird, Grace Mappes, Riley Bailey, Angela Howard, and Frederick W. Kagan, Institute for the Study of War. Reports of poorly staffed, provisioned, and supplied Russian mobilized personnel are dividing the Russian information space, exposing the tension between milblogger mobilization narratives, Wagner Group narratives, and actual Russian efforts to alleviate morale issues.Mobilized personnel from Serpukhov, Moscow Oblast, claimed on November 23 that the Russian military command sent them into battle without proper training, uniforms, or protective gear, leading them to suffer mass casualties. These personnel also claimed that command only feeds the mobilized personnel once a day despite having enough food to provide more meals. A Russian source reported that the Serpukhov mobilized personnel now face a military tribunal for desertion, but the men later released a second video denying that they are deserters and stating they are willing to serve on the second and third lines of defense rather than the front line.

Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, November 25 | Institute for the Study of War (