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(Russia-Ucraina) Kyiv sta cercando di istigare una guerra diretta tra la NATO e la Russia? (fonte: Aditya Bhan, ORF)

After a Ukrainian air defence missile crashed in the village of Przewodów in eastern Poland’s Lublin Voivodeship close to the border with Ukraine last month, killing two people, the Russian Ambassador to the United States (US) had accused Kyiv of not only soliciting greater military assistance from Washington but also attempting to incite a direct military conflict between Russia and NATO. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba had earlier dismissed as a “conspiracy theory”, the idea that the missile was Ukrainian. The Russian defence ministry, on the other hand, had correctly claimed that Russian military experts had unambiguously identified the fragments as belonging to a “guided anti-aircraft missile of a Ukrainian S-300 air defence system”.

Is Kyiv trying to incite a direct NATO-Russia war? | ORF (