Russian Navy warship fires Kalibr cruise missiles in Caspian drills (TASS)

The crew of the missile corvette Veliky Ustyug fired Kalibr cruise missiles during drills in the Caspian Sea, the press office of Russia’s Southern Military District reported on Tuesday.

“The crew of the small missile ship Veliky Ustyug of the Caspian Flotilla practiced firings during a final inspection for the 2021 training year, employing the Kalibr missile system,” the press office said in a statement.

The troops also employed drones for the first time to control the destruction of coastal targets, the press office added.

“The servicemen used an unconventional method of objective control over coastal target destruction with the help of the squads of Orlan-10 and Eleron-3 drones, launching the unmanned aerial vehicles from the Flotilla’s flagship, the missile ship Dagestan,” the statement says.

Drones of the Caspian Flotilla logged about 500 flight hours in the 2021 summer training period. The troops arranged over 200 drone flights day and night in various weather conditions, including over mountainous terrain. The Flotilla’s forces employed drones for various purposes, the press office said.