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Siria, Idleb, danni al sistema fognario e aumento dei casi di colera (The Syrian Observer)

On Sunday, the Syria Response Coordinators team launched an urgent appeal to humanitarian actors and organizations to repair damage to the sewage network in the Harem area, north of Idleb. The broken infrastructure has coincided with a significant increase in the number of cholera cases in the region.

The team has recorded around 109 cases of cholera in the Harem area since the cholera outbreak began, with 42 percent of cases occurring in camps for displaced people. The team attributed this trend to “contamination of drinking water due to breaches in the area’s sewage network.”

The team called for “repairing the damage to prevent sewage from contaminating drinking water.”.

Warnings of Health Disaster in Idleb Countryside Due to Cholera – The Syrian Observer