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Siria. La ‘strana’ morte di Faisal Al-Abbas (The Syrian Observer)

The Syrian government mourned one of its academic officials for his murder under mysterious circumstances. The cause of death ranged from murder to suicide. This brought back to the minds of regime supporters the scenario of “alleged suicide” through which prominent security and government figures were killed during the past decades orchestrated by the Assad regime and its intelligence. They started with Ghazi Kanaan and continued with the suicide of a local official in the city of Jableh months ago.

The Ministry of Interior of the Assad militia said on its Facebook page that the president of the International Private University for Science and Technology and former Minister of Transport, Dr. Faisal Al-Abbas, was found dead in the university building in the Mezzeh area in the center of the capital, Damascus.

Suicide of Former Minister and President of Assad’s Most Famous Private University – The Syrian Observer