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Siria. Muhojir Tactical: un profilo del più recente gruppo tattico uzbeko legato ai jihadisti (Daniele Garofalo, The Jamestown Foundation)

On November 16, a new tactical group and militant contractor in Idlib governorate, Syria was announced on various social networks and messaging platforms through a video called “Tactical Accessories” (Muhojir UZ, November 16). The propaganda of this new group, Muhojir Tactical, is managed by two media channels. The first media channel, Muhojir UZ, previously disseminated propaganda for the Uzbek jihadist group in Syria, Katibat Tavhid vo Jihod (KTJ) [1] and more generally the propaganda of the Abu Obaida bin Al-Jarrah Brigade of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) to which the KTJ is aligned [2]; and the second media channel, UZ Tactical, also disseminated KTJ and HTS material (Enab Baladi, March 8). Already in the days leading up to the announcement of Muhojir Tactical’s birth and the release of its first video, all media and private channels of non-Arab fighters on various social media platforms had relaunched the online manifesto advertising the launch of Muhojir Tactical’s new media product.

Muhojir Tactical: A Profile of the Newest Uzbek Jihadist-Linked Tactical Group in Syria – Jamestown