Strategia USA per le tecnologie critiche ed emergenti (fonte: VIF)

Saroj Bishoyi

As a part of the wider modernisation agenda, the US Department of State announced on 3rd January 2023 the establishment of a new Office of the Special Envoy for Critical and Emerging Technology. The purpose of establishing this office is to bring additional technological expertise to the State Department for diplomatic engagement with foreign countries on the frontier technologies “because the constellation of Critical and Emerging Technologies (CETs) reshaping the world” has now become “an integral part of the conduct of US foreign policy and diplomacy.” The State Department in its press release noted that as “the competition to develop and deploy foundational technologies” is intensifying, the Office “will bring additional technology policy expertise, diplomatic leadership, and strategic direction to the Department’s approach to critical and emerging technologies”. The move is in response to the increasing efforts worldwide to develop and lead in innovation and production of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Biotechnology, Quantum Information Science and Semiconductors.

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