Regulating crypto and cyberware in the EU (Karel Lannoo, CEPS)

The EU is proposing a special dedicated regime for crypto-asset providers in the EU through the MiCA regulation, the first international bloc to do...

A Template for Staged Accession to the EU (Michael Emerson, Milena Lazarević, Steven Blockmans, Strahinja Subotić, CEPS)

An idea is gaining ground that a system of accession to the EU in stages is now needed to revive and sustain the incentives...

Artificial Intelligence and cybersecurity (CEPS)

A new CEPS Task Force report proposes concrete policy measures and recommendations to help ease the adoption of AI in cybersecurity and address the...

(Europe/Russia) EU-Russia relations and Europe’s global profile (CEPS)

Zachary Paikin https://www.ceps.eu/eu-russia-relations-and-europes-global-profile/

(Poland) The troubling reform of Poland’s Foreign Service (CEPS)

Christian Lequesne https://www.ceps.eu/the-troubling-reform-of-polands-foreign-service/

(European Corporations) Are European listed corporations short-termist? (Karel Lannoo, Jesper Lau Hansen, Apostolos Thomadakis, CEPS)