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As Technology Evolves, So Does the Nature of Nationalism (Marie Lamensch, CIGI)

Globalization, supranational institutions, regional economies, climate change, international jihad, migration and the current pandemic; despite expectations, these transnational phenomena have not weakened the notion of nations and nationalism.

On the contrary, there is an increasing trend to deglobalization in a drive to reaffirm state sovereignty. Xenophobic discourses have grown during the COVID-19 pandemic and, previously, following large-scale terrorist attacks in the West. We do not live in a world without borders or attachment to nations.

As Technology Evolves, So Does the Nature of Nationalism – Centre for International Governance Innovation (


(Nationalism/USA) The Rise of Nationalism at Home and Abroad (CFR)


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Panelists discuss the causes of the rise of nationalism both around the world and in the United States and whether this swell of nationalism is an aberration or the standard moving forward.