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Daily news – February 7, 2022 a.m.

AFGHANISTAN Bamiyan Buddhas and Afghanistan’s Cultural Heritage. Rishika Dhumal, Vivekananda International Foundation: In Afghanistan, Buddhist cave temples are concentrated in three regions: Jalalabad (180 caves), Haibak (200 caves) and Bamiyan (1000 caves). The Bamiyan Buddhas are part of a Buddhist site in Bamiyan Valley of Bamiyan River, 230km northwest of Kabul and 2500m above sea […]


(Pacific Islands Forum) The Pacific Islands Forum can survive this crisis too (The Strategist)

Richard Herr There are many ways to respond to a serious crisis, but hyperbole and panic should not be among them. Some commentators have elevated the leadership controversy within the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) to an existential threat to Pacific regionalism. Hyperbole with a touch of panic?