Getting a Game Plan for the Guardian of America’s Global Interests (James Jay Carafano, Heritage Foundation)

If the United States can’t prevent China from dominating Asia, then the United States loses.

Eldridge A. Colby, The Strategy of Denial: American Defense in an Age of Great Power Competition, New Haven: Yale University Press, 2021. ISBN 978-0-300-25643-7.

In a decade or so, we’ll have all the answers. Either this will be recognized as the latest age of the great American strategists following in the footsteps of Alfred Thayer Mahan and George Kennan—or we will all be speaking Chinese and bowing to the West.

Getting a Game Plan for the Guardian of America’s Global Interests | The Heritage Foundation


Biden’s Unity Purge of Military Advisory Boards (Mike Howell, Heritage Foundation)

“For without unity, there is no peace, only bitterness and fury. No progress, only exhausting outrage. No nation, only a state of chaos. This is our historic moment of crisis and challenge, and unity is the path forward.”

President Joe Biden spoke these words when he was inaugurated on Jan. 20. But Wednesday, in the midst of multiple scandalsdebacles, and crumbling support, and on the eve of the 20th anniversary of 9/11, Biden demanded the resignation of 18 of former President Donald Trump’s appointees from government advisory boards, despite their three-year terms.

So much for unity.

Biden’s Unity Purge of Military Advisory Boards | The Heritage Foundation


Tariffs Are Never a Good Idea. Those on Aluminum Are Especially Bad. Aluminum prices are up 59% from a year ago, and America’s 10% tariffs on the metal are not relieving any headaches at manufacturers (Patrick Tyrrell, Anthony B. Kim, Heritage Foundation)

Aluminum prices are up 59% from a year ago, and America’s 10% tariffs on the metal are not relieving any headaches at beer and non-alcoholic beverage manufacturers.

The tariffs were originally put in place in 2018, ostensibly to protect domestic aluminum producers. The theory was that China and other foreign producers were “dumping” aluminum into the U.S. at low prices below cost, to capture market share and supposedly drive American producers of aluminum out of business.

Tariffs Are Never a Good Idea. Those on Aluminum Are Especially Bad. | The Heritage Foundation


$3.5T Spending Bill Would Lavish Hundreds of Billions on Nanny State Education (Lindsey M. Burke, Ph.D., Heritage Foundation)

The massive, unprecedented $3.5 trillion spending bill making its way through Congress includes education spending on an equally unprecedented scale.

In all, the plan would spend some $761 billion on education and workforce programs, on par with total annual education spending from all sources—federal, state, and local.

The bulk of the proposed education spending in the House Education and Labor Committee proposal—$450 billion—would be earmarked for federal universal preschool and child care. The spending would go toward government universal preschool for 3- and 4-year-old children, as proposed in the Biden administration’s American Families Plan.

$3.5T Spending Bill Would Lavish Hundreds of Billions on Nanny State Education | The Heritage Foundation


Critical Race Theory Will Destroy the Fabric of Our Military (John Venable, Heritage Foundation)

In just 10 words, Napoleon captured perhaps the most important element for leading a team to success: “The moral is to the physical as three to one.”

Morale involves cohesion, confidence, a sense of common purpose, and loyalty all wrapped up into a hard-to-measure but readily discernible package. Teams with high morale radiate energy and meet heady challenges head-on. The indifference of those without it is equally palpable.

Back in July, President Joe Biden publicly conveyed his belief that the Afghan army, with 300,000 soldiers and its own air force, would hold against some 75,000 Taliban. And yet, even with 4 to 1 odds, that well-equipped organization melted away in the face of a poorly armed militia.

Critical Race Theory Will Destroy the Fabric of Our Military | The Heritage Foundation


INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS LAW – Equality and Non-Discrimination in International Human Rights Law (Li-ann Thio, The Heritage Foundation)

“Equality and non-discrimination” law, much of which impinges on cultural traditions and religious sensitivities, are matters warranting robust public discussion—which is preferable to invoking equality to sneak in a privileged ethic while pretending to be agnostic about the common good. Within a global setting in which fundamental value divergences are acute, it is important to recognise a global margin of appreciation in interpreting contested rights claims and protecting a range of acceptable practices to vindicate the values of pluralism, subsidiarity, and democratic will. No global body is authorised to impose a diktat over a morally charged controversy with a far-reaching social agenda, disregarding the agreement of states and national democratic processes.


USA/ATLANTIC STRATEGY – Why the United States Needs an Atlantic Strategy (James Carafano, Luke Coffey, Kiron Skinner, David Shedd, Daniel Kochis, Dean Cheng, Ana Rosa Quintana, Joshua Meservey and Nicole Robinson, The Heritage Foundation)

It is in America’s interest to develop a coherent and coordinated strategy for the Atlantic region. A strategy is needed to mitigate the pernicious activities of the Chinese Communist Party. The U.S. must also address the threat from Russia—especially in the North Atlantic and the Arctic. The ultimate goal of an Atlantic Strategy is to create the conditions for a stable, prosperous, and secure Atlantic area that is aligned with America’s vision for the region. The U.S. must take a leadership role in the region, rally like-minded partners and allies around this cause, continue to raise awareness of China and Russia’s malign activities in the region, break down the bureaucratic barriers in the U.S. government that prevent a coordinated approach to the Atlantic region, and offer a better and brighter alternative to China for economic engagement across the Atlantic region.