China turning inward? China has always been a civilisation unto its own (Lance Gore, ThinkChina)

China has always been a civilisation unto its own. Its isolation at one end of the Eurasian continent is perhaps the reason that it is the only one of the four great ancient civilisations that have persisted to this day. The Middle Kingdom mentality is deeply embedded in the national psyche.

The onslaught of the modern Western industrial civilisation shattered its hitherto unquestioned sense of superiority, and awakened the sleeping giant by bringing it to its knees. But at the same time, it has also planted in the national psyche the burning desire for renewal, resurgence and regaining its past grandeur.

China turning inward? China has always been a civilisation unto its own , Politics News – ThinkChina


Chinese ambassador Hong Xiaoyong on China’s future: Forging ahead on a century of achievements (Hong Xiaoyong, ThinkChina)

The Communist Party of China (CPC) held the sixth plenary session of its 19th Central Committee recently, which gained much attention from the media in Singapore and around the world. Many media outlets described the session as historic and of landmark significance, as indeed it was.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the CPC. Under its leadership, the Chinese people have successfully achieved the first centennial goal in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and are moving towards the second centennial goal of building a great modern socialist country.

Chinese ambassador Hong Xiaoyong on China’s future: Forging ahead on a century of achievements, Politics News – ThinkChina


Taiwanese generally think there will not be war, and they are unprepared for it (Liu Chin-tsai, ThinkChina)

In recent months, questions of what the people of Taiwan would do and how the US and Japan would react if mainland China launched an armed offensive have come under attention and discussion.

A Taiwan survey found that the Taiwanese believe that cross-strait war is unlikely, while the sense of preparedness and confidence in defence has shown a downward trend, albeit within acceptable levels. However, there is an over-reliance on the security commitments of the US and Japan.

Taiwanese generally think there will not be war, and they are unprepared for it, Politics News – ThinkChina

Digital Transition

Metaverse: A bubble that could soon burst? (Yin Ruizhi, ThinkChina)

On 29 October, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg announced the company’s name change to Meta, and released a rousing video, pushing talk of the metaverse — this year’s hottest internet topic — to a new high. And right now, there are two opposing views about investments in the metaverse. One side feels that the metaverse is a bubble and the day is still far distant when it becomes reality; the other side feels that the metaverse is the next phase of the internet, that it is the future. I can share that the industry consensus is that the metaverse might be an upgraded version of the internet in about ten years, but at the moment, the hype about the metaverse in the investment and technology sectors is more of a bubble.

Metaverse: A bubble that could soon burst?, Technology News – ThinkChina

China USA

US academic: US-centric worldview and hostile policies hindering US-China exchanges (Wu Guo, ThinkChina)

Before rushing to conclude that China is turning inward and isolating itself from the world with its harsh zero-Covid policy, says US academic Wu Guo, the American media should do some soul-searching themselves on how US policies and negative American attitudes towards China have led to dwindling people-to-people contact.

US academic: US-centric worldview and hostile policies hindering US-China exchanges, Society News – ThinkChina


China – Nationalistic and patriotic? Chinese youths are more than that (ThinkChina)

Wu Guo

Every day, scores of young people from small cities or farming villages make their way to big cities to find work. Inhabiting the space between their old and new worlds, they find kinship and cultural affinity in online groups, forming subcultures that have emerged as alternatives to the mainstream. While this widens their network beyond their usual social circles, it has also spawned a form of online tribalism. How does this affect their worldviews and interactions online and offline? Wu Guo explores the topic.


China – Why Chinese local governments indulge in wasteful infrastructure projects (ThinkChina)

David Ng

Even as China embarks on various infrastructure projects, how many of these projects are actually useful, or bring real benefits to the people they are supposed to serve? Are all of these projects truly worth the money and effort invested? Commentator David Ng takes a closer look at a “white elephant” tram system in the Greater Bay Area and considers the issues involved.


China – Post-70s generation CPC stars jockey for position ahead of 20th Party Congress in 2022 (ThinkChina)

Yang Danxu

In the CPC’s leadership renewal plans, the post-70s generation plays a leading role, having by this time risen to middle and senior positions. Yang Danxu takes stock of political stars in this generation as they take up key positions at the provincial level in the lead-up to the Communist Party of China (CPC)’s 20th Party Congress in 2022.


China/Southeast Asia/Pandemic – Covid-19 pandemic and China’s rising soft power in mainland Southeast Asia (ThinkChina)

Vannarith Chheang

The Covid-19 pandemic provides a window of opportunity for China to exert its international leadership and influence. It has managed to turn the crisis into a diplomatic and strategic opportunity in mainland Southeast Asia and elsewhere. Public health diplomacy has become one of the key sources of China’s soft power projection, enhancing China’s image and influence. Cambodia and Laos have been most receptive to China’s public health diplomacy, including its vaccine diplomacy, while Thailand and Myanmar also have welcomed Chinese assistance. But Vietnam has been reluctant to endorse China’s Covid-19 assistance, including receiving Chinese vaccines.

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