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Iran’s Perceptions and Concerns of Border Tensions Between Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan (Vali Kaleji, Valdai Discussion Club)

In his article, Dr. Vali Kaleji, a Tehran-based expert on Central Asia and Caucasian Studies, believes that informing Tehran of the results of the Armenian-Azerbaijani border commission, creating a complementary agreement to clarify Article 9 of the Nagorno-Karabakh ceasefire agreement for clarifying Zangezur corridor and continuing the meeting of 3 + 3 format can reduce Iran’s concerns about the border tensions between Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan and also help peace and stability in the South Caucasus.

Iran’s Perceptions and Concerns of Border Tensions Between Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan — Valdai Club


What Does Putin’s Conservatism Seek to Conserve? (Timothy Colton, Valdai Discussion Club)

Vladimir Putin is a familiar face to every Russian and to news-attentive audiences worldwide. Nonetheless, he keeps many thoughts to himself and seldom provides more than a glimpse of what goes on inside his head. He has never written memoirs. His most revealing personal interviews were in the winter of 2000, prior to his initial election as president (published in English under the title First Person).

Most Western accounts of contemporary Russian politics focus on the question of regime — how power is distributed between state and society, broadly construed. An alternative lens would privilege ideas and values over the institutional technology for achieving them. Are the goals of the system Putin has built liberal or conservative? Does it sit on the left or the right of the political spectrum? Is it nationalist or internationalist? Are its economics capitalist or socialist?

What Does Putin’s Conservatism Seek to Conserve? — Valdai Club

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USA, Europe and Containment of China (Pascal Boniface, Valdai Discussion Club)

It’s in the interest of the European countries that Washington not take for granted an automatic solidarity in the event of war. Their interest is to avoid a new and uncontrollable escalation of tensions. The best way for the Europeans to prevent hawks from taking the lead in Washington is to tell America that their appreciation and behaviour depends on that of the US, writes Valdai Club expert Pascal Boniface.

USA, Europe and Containment of China — Valdai Club


Neighbours and Crises: New Challenges for Russia (Timofei Bordachev, Valdai Discussion Club)

Through all the discussions that accompanied the preparation of the Valdai Club report “Space Without Borders: Russia and Its Neighbours”, the most clear question was whether Russia should or should not avoid repeating the historical experience of relations with its near abroad. This experience, in the most general terms, is that after Russia pacifies its western border with its foreign policy, the Russian state inevitably must turn to issues related to the existence of its immediate neighbourhood. With a high degree of probability, it will be forced to turn to its centuries-old method for solving problems that arise there: expansion for the sake of ensuring security.

Neighbours and Crises: New Challenges for Russia — Valdai Club

South Africa

South Africa Today: Opportunities and Challenges for Foreign Policy (Alexandra Arkhangelskaya, Valdai Discussion Club)

Despite political and accelerating socio-economic uncertainties, South Africa is still a destination of leadership and the driver of economic growth in the region and on the continent, while Africa is becoming even a more attractive zone of strategic interests for old and emerging power poles

South Africa Today: Opportunities and Challenges for Foreign Policy — Valdai Club


Undemocratic Uncontrollable World (Timofei Bordachev, Valdai Discussion Club)

In the outgoing year, international politics finally got rid of all remnants of controllability, understood as the ability of states to solve the most fundamental problems within the framework of formal or informal institutions, as well as of democracy — the possibility of fair treatment of the interests of countries regardless of their power capabilities. In principle, the global changes in the balance of power, provoked by the growth of China and the West’s reaction to this, initially did not leave much room for the leading powers to consider the interests of others as among their own.

Undemocratic Uncontrollable World — Valdai Club

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Greater Eurasia and the US-China Confrontation (Adil Kaukenov, Valdai Discussion Club)

The American-Chinese split provides a suitable groundwork for the fact, that China is interested in strengthening partnership with Russia in developing Eurasian projects. At the same time, to what extent Moscow will be able to convince Beijing to accept the “Greater Eurasia” construct as the optimal formula for regional cooperation, remains an open question, writes Adil Kaukenov, Director of China Center (Kazakhstan).

Greater Eurasia and the US-China Confrontation — Valdai Club


Platform Modernisation: What the US Treasury Sanctions Review Is All About (Ivan Timofeev, Valdai Discussion Club)

The US Treasury has released an overview of its sanctions policy. It outlines key principles for making the restrictive US measures more effective. The revision of the sanctions policy was announced at the beginning of Joe Biden’s presidential term. The new review can be considered one of the results of this work. At the same time, it is difficult to find signs of qualitative changes in the US administration’s approach to sanctions in the document. Rather, it is about upgrading an existing platform.

Platform Modernisation: What the US Treasury Sanctions Review Is All About — Valdai Club

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Counter-Threat Regime and Strategic Frivolity (Timofei Bordachev, Valdai Discussion Club)

At the end of 2021, relations between Russia and the West in the military-political sphere crossed the point of no return to any of the forms of interaction that arose in the first decade and a half after the Cold War. As a result of the actions of the United States and its allies on the Ukrainian issue, Moscow put forward very tough demands, which some observers considered an ultimatum.

Counter-Threat Regime and Strategic Frivolity — Valdai Club

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