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(Taiwan) Impatto dell’esito delle elezioni locali sulle prospettive del DPP per le elezioni presidenziali del 2024 (fonte: VIF)

Rajaram Panda:

Most of the recent writings on Taiwan have focussed on President Tsai Ing-wen of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DDP) and her defiance on China’s pressure to toe Beijing’s line on Taiwan’s status. The frequent threats from Beijing to use force against Taiwan which is viewed as a renegade province and thus needs to be annexed by force if necessary is the most dreaded topic of the region emerging as a potential flashpoint. The US is most likely to respond militarily if Beijing becomes adventurous. Against the lurking threat from Beijing, the opposition with its perceived soft pedalling towards Beijing was a mute spectator to this evolving situation.

Likely Impact of Local Elections’ Outcome in Taiwan on DPP’s Presidential Elections Prospects in 2024 | Vivekananda International Foundation (