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The centrality of Georgia

Georgia’s transit role in the Euro-Asian area is growing. Zaal Anjaparidze writes about it in a reflection for The Jamestown Foundation (Anti-Russian Sanctions Increase Transit Role of Georgia). 

The sanctions applied to Russia prohibit the transit of goods by land on Russian territory. Georgia is especially decisive for Europe. Anjaparidze writes: (…) without Georgia, the EU’s access to Azerbaijan’s natural resources will also be limited. As evidenced by the recently signed agreement between Brussels and Baku on doubling gas supplies to the EU through the Trans-Anatolian Natural (TANAP) and Trans Adriatic (TAP) gas pipelines (Kommersant, July 18), everything points to Georgia’s growing transit role in the region (Radio Tavisupleba, August 12; Interpressnews, August 18).

The complexity of the effects of the war affects many aspects, in particular economic ones. The war “rewrites” the strategic territorial passages and shows us, in progress, how changing trade and power relations are interrelated.

Europe, the weak player in the war in Ukraine, is looking for new perspectives and new opportunities. Only by applying the paradigm of complexity, and not continuing to manage crises without “political realism” and in a “linear way”, we will be able to define a new framework for European security.