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The complexity of Russian politics in the Arctic

It is important to look at Russia’s Arctic politics. Andrea Kendall-Taylor, Jim Townsend, Nicholas Lokker, Heli Hautala, and Col James Frey write about this issue in a report for the Center for a New American Security (New CNAS Report: “Russia in the Arctic: Gauging How Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Will Alter Regional Dynamics”).

The theme, to be analyzed in the light of the war in Ukraine, is considered on the basis of four scenarios: Russia’s perception of the Western threat; the impact of Western sanctions; the role of China in the Arctic; if Putin remains in power.

With a complex look, Russian policy in the Arctic directly concerns the security of Europe, a real weak link in the Western chain, and of the United States.

We continue to note how the profound interrelation of strategic dynamics creates the impossibility of separation between them. Indeed, only a complex approach can help understand geostrategic movements and govern them.