The Science of Where. ArcGIS Indoors and Facility Management Systems (Silvia Pichler, Esri)

arcgis indoors space planner

Facility data is visualized on an indoor map. The ArcGIS Indoors Space Planner helps plan space utilization and management and facilitates ad-hoc changes to space assignments.

Facilities are transforming. They have been for a while, but the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the process tremendously. The adoption of the working-from-home model over the past 18 months has made many organizations rethink their work culture and utilization of space.

Seeing that their businesses keep running smoothly even with employees working from home, many are planning to take a more flexible approach in the future. In fact, according to a study by Microsoft, 66% of businesses are considering turning their offices into hybrid work environments.

This is even less surprising when we bring to mind that rental space is one of the biggest cost centers for an organization. Reducing rental space to embrace the flexible workplace and cut costs seems like the next logical step.

While space utilization is a driving force for facility transformation, there is more to it than that. Aside from the flexible workplace model, the complete occupant experience and how people inside the facility can interact with it is undergoing change. At the center of it all – data.

ArcGIS Indoors and Facility Management Systems (