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Turchia. Storia, geopolitica e ideologia nella politica estera (fonte: Institut Montaigne)

Soli Özel

In his remarkable book of autobiographical essays on his hometown, Istanbul: Memories and the City (2005), Turkey’s Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk observes that “when the empire fell, the new Republic, while certain of its purpose, was unsure of its identity; the only way forward, its founders thought, was to foster a new concept of Turkishness, and this meant a certain cordon sanitaire to shut it off from the rest of the world. He further notes: “with the drive to Westernize and the concurrent rise of Turkish nationalism, the love-hate relationship with the Western gaze became all the more convoluted”.

Quest for Autonomy: History, Geopolitics and Ideology in Turkish Foreign Policy | Institut Montaigne