Geostrategic thinking

Turkey in strategic balance

It is worth mentioning the Foundation for Defense of Democracies‘ thoughts on Turkey and the fact that three state banks in that country have suspended the use of the Russian Mir payment system, an alternative to Swift.

Analyst Sinan Ciddi shows the complexity of the situation. Turkey, in fact, on the one hand sells drones to Ukraine while, on the other hand, does not entirely follow the West on major sanctions: Russian gas supplies are absolutely necessary.

In this historical phase, Turkey is decisive: it constitutes the ‘strategic hinge’ between the East and the West; its leader was decisive in the resolution of the wheat issue; it is a NATO member with all the difficulties we have experienced in recent months over the accession of Sweden and Finland; it is involved in the most delicate crisis areas in North Africa and the Middle East.

In short, we are dealing with a strategic player of great importance at a particularly delicate time for international relations in the recomposition of power relations.