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(Ucraina-Europa) Sicurezza per l’Ucraina: una proposta trasformativa per la sicurezza europea (fonte: Vladimir Socor, The Jamestown Foundation)

The Ukrainian Presidential Office envisages a system of international security guarantees vis-a-vis Russia that would answer Kyiv’s post-war requirements. The guarantees would be provided by willing North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) members countries, albeit, at the moment, short of NATO membership, this would potentially clear Ukraine’s path to membership in due course. The proposal is embodied in “The Kyiv Security Compact: International Security Guarantees for Ukraine” (, accessed December 14), the product of a working group co-chaired by NATO’s former Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen and Ukrainian Presidential Office Chief Andriy Yermak, with inputs from a number of leading Western experts. The authorship is basically Western replacing an earlier, ill-fated local product.

Ukraine Security Concept: A Transformative Proposal for European Security – Jamestown