Daily Brief Geostrategic thinking

Unacceptable pre-judgements

Italy is in Europe, a founding country. With a new government not yet in place, inadmissible statements are coming from neighbouring France. It is, we might say, a ‘bureaucratically moral’ voice.

The Italian people given the country a solid majority (we say this from an institutional point of view). To say this seems obvious but, evidently, it is not for those who, instrumentally, judge alleged decisions that a government not yet installed will take in the course of its work.

Bureaucratic Europe needs states that carry out an a-political design. If the Old Continent had wanted to, it would have worked for many years to give itself a ‘political soul’.

If intentions (and not facts) are judged from abroad, Europe (sum of states) is self-defined as non-existent. Whereas there is a great need for a political and united Europe.

If Europe, with the pandemic, has chosen politically and in the general interest, today its limits are quite evident.

European solidarity should develop regardless of pre-judgement. Let’s be clear, if Italy adopts Hungary or Poland-style policies, Europe (but not individual states) has the right/duty to oppose them. But it will have to be a democratic Europe, a Europe that is not a prisoner of national vetoes against necessary common policies in this phase of high inflation, strong speculation and war at its doorstep.

If Italy is in Europe, the fate of Italian families and businesses concerns everyone, even those who judge us pre-emptively.