USA – Biden’s confirmations progress at the 200-day mark. Ever so slow, but with a bold commitment to diversity (Brookings)

Kathryn Dunn Tenpas

With the recent passage of the bipartisan infrastructure bill in the Senate and the confirmation of eight federal judges–the most through Aug. 1 of a president’s first year going back to Richard Nixon—the Biden administration appears to be off to an auspicious beginning. However, in spite of these headlines, the pace of confirmations for leadership positions across the executive branch has been extremely slow. While staffing the government at the highest level is a key priority at the start of any administration, the paucity of confirmed officials at this point in time pales in comparison to President Biden’s three predecessors. There is no single reason that explains the slow pace of confirmations at this level, largely because two institutions—the presidency and the Senate—play pivotal roles and contribute to the delay. Apart from pace, it is also important to note that the Biden administration is setting records in terms of diversity. More women and nonwhites have been confirmed to these top executive positions in comparison to his three predecessors.

Biden’s confirmations progress at the 200-day mark (