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(USA-Cina-Spazio) La geopolitica va in orbita con le ambizioni spaziali di Stati Uniti e Cina

Saadia M Pekkanen, East Asia Forum:

Space stations are the harbinger of a deepening bipolarity in the international relations of space. The United States leads the International Space Station (ISS), and will lead whatever comes after it, but it is no longer seen as the uncontested unipolar power in space. China now also has a national space station, named Tiangong, which represents a momentous achievement for the country’s space program.

The ISS and Tiangong are not divorced from the quest for national technological supremacy. If technology is ‘power in practice’ for China, it is no less important for the United States, which has long seen the transformative potential of technology as critical to its national security.

Geopolitics goes into orbit with the US and China’s space ambitions | East Asia Forum