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USA e l’impatto delle elezioni di midterm sulle politiche tecnologiche del nuovo Congresso

Dall’analisi di Nicol Turner LeeCameron F. KerryBill BaerMark MacCarthyTom WheelerAlex EnglerRashawn RayAaron Klein, Mishaela Robison, Brookings. With most results from the midterm elections announced and verified, the dust is finally starting to settle. Some have suggested that voters went to the polls with personal concerns like reproductive rightsinflation, and gun control in mind. The tech industry was also on the minds of many voters in several states: Illinois passed a measure that supports unionizing, which could impact tech warehouses; Montana passed C-48, requiring law enforcement to obtain a warrant before searching electronic devices; and multiple candidates attacked content moderation on social media as part of the campaign trail. Considering these developments, and a new Republican-controlled House of Representatives, scholars across the Center for Technology Innovation (CTI) weighed in around the halls on what the results of the midterm elections mean for tech policy in the new Congress.

Around the halls: What do the midterm elections mean for tech policy?