(USA/Russia/Arctic Region) Pentagon nominee hopes US-Russia cooperation in the Arctic region will continue (TASS)

Nominee for appointment to be Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said that he hoped cooperation of the US and Russia in the Arctic region could continue.

“The United States has a long history of cooperation with Russia in the Arctic region, and it is my hope that can continue,” Lloyd Austin said in answers to the Senate Armed Services Committee Advance Policy Questions.

“I have serious concerns, however, about the Russian military buildup in the region and Russia’s aggressive conduct in the Arctic and around the world,” he said also. “Likewise, I am deeply concerned about Chinese intentions in the region,” the nominee pointed out.

“If confirmed, I will assess the situation and consult allies and partners on the strategy, posture, and equipment required to ensure a stable and open Arctic, as well as to protect the homeland, our economic interests, and deter aggression,” he pledged.