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Uzbekistan. Inchiesta di Human Rights Watch sul ruolo delle forze dell’ordine nell’uccisione di 21 persone a luglio nella Repubblica del Karakalpakstan (RFE RL)

At least 21 people were killed in Uzbekistan’s Karakalpakstan Republic in July, the worst violence in the country since the Andijon massacre in May 2005. Judging from information released by the commission investigating the causes of the violence, the role of the police and security forces is receiving little, if any, attention. A recent Human Rights Watch report, however, looks at law enforcement’s role. Joining host Bruce Pannier to discuss the topic are Mihra Rittmann, a senior researcher at Human Rights Watch, and Steve Swerdlow, a rights lawyer who has spent many years focusing on Central Asia.

Why Aren’t Uzbek Security Forces Part Of The Probe Into Karakalpakstan Violence? (