VENEZUELA – Screening and Discussion of “A La Calle” (CFR)


Nonresident Senior Fellow, Inter-American Dialogue; CFR Member

Venezuelan Democratic Leader; Member of the Venezuelan Interim Government; Prisoner of Conscience according to Amnesty International; National Coordinator and Founder, Voluntad Popular

Codirector/Producer, A La Calle

Codirector/Producer, A La Calle


Special Correspondent, PBS NewsHour; CFR Member

Panelists discuss the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela as the country continues to face high rates of poverty, unemployment, and even starvation. A La Calle (“To the Street”) is a firsthand account of the extraordinary efforts of ordinary Venezuelans to reclaim their democracy from the Nicolás Maduro administration. Working with a network of clandestine camera crews, the filmmakers spent three years recording exclusive interviews with key opposition figures as well as a host of everyday citizens to document the efforts of Venezuela’s opposition movement.