Repubblica Democratica del Congo

Violenza a più livelli nella Repubblica Democratica del Congo: la storia si ripete? (fonte: Institute Montaigne)

Nina Wilén, Erik Kennes

Located in the heart of Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is riddled in the East by the presence of rebel groups on its territory, from within but also neighboring countries, leading to armed clashes, human rights violations and internal displacements. This has led the region down a never-ending spiral of instability and the conflict has been dubbed a “forever war”. The past year has seen renewed violence by a number of national and regional armed (non) state actors, spurring increased regional turbulence. What are the key factors and who are the main actors behind this latest round of instability and violence? And is history really repeating itself? Erik Kennes and Nina Wilén from Egmont Institute’s Africa Program tackle this topic for the final piece of our Unresolved Crises series.

Multi-Layered Violence in the DRC: Is History Repeating Itself? | Institut Montaigne