What to expect from Biden’s 2022 tech agenda (Darrell M. West and Nicol Turner Lee, Brookings)

2022 is shaping up to be an eventful year in tech policy. President Biden has laid out an ambitious agenda on infrastructure investment, tech regulation, COVID mitigation, antitrust policy, and AI investment, among other topics. He has nominated a number of tough-minded individuals to major administrative agencies and has signaled a strong stance on large tech platforms. At the same time, technology is playing a major role in governance and democracy problems. Some worry about the extent to which technology is fueling polarization and extremism, and endangering the future of American democracy. In this episode, Darrell West and Nicol Turner Lee delve into what to expect from Biden’s tech policy agenda in 2022.

TechTank Podcast Episode 35: What to expect from Biden’s 2022 tech agenda (